International icebreaking services

Expert in Arctic navigation

Challenging icebreaking duties require experienced crews and capable vessels. Arctia's icebreakers Nordica and Fennica and expert crews assist customers in various demanding tasks in the fields of polar icebreaking services.

International icebreaking services

Icebreaking services are needed in demanding operations, for example in oil and gas fields and polar expeditions. Arctia’s services include, but are not restricted to, ice management, pipe and cable laying, towing, service work for production platforms, and the installation and maintenance of underwater structures. We can also offer various custom-made service solutions in harsh conditions.

Arctia Ltd. has experience from both the Northern Sea Route and the Northwest Passage, as well as operations in Alaska, Greenland and elsewhere in the Arctic. We always strive to operate in the most economical and fuel-efficient way possible.

The services of Arctia Ltd are performed mainly by the company’s icebreakers, the Fennica and Nordica, which are used for this purpose outside the Finnish icebreaking season. Icebreakers are highly versatile vessels capable of excellent performance in ice and open water alike. Arctia’s ships have operated on the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Beaufort Sea and Mediterranean, as well as in the waters off West Africa and Greenland.

Arctia’s icebreakers also provide various maritime services. We are specialized in Arctic and sub-Arctic regions. Ice management services ensure that ice formations are kept at a safe distance from offshore installations. Securing traffic in the operation area is also an important aspect of the service.


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