Expert in Arctic conditions

Arctia Ltd. is a limited company established in 2010 and owned by the state of Finland. The company’s line of business is the provision of icebreaking services and specialised multipurpose vessel services, along with the management and chartering of ships in Finland and abroad.


Arctia's values


We wish to learn new things and share our expertise with our colleagues. Competence and commitment to goals are a requirement for our success.


Cooperation with our clients forms the foundation of our operations. We aim to satisfy our customers; their needs guide our actions. We invest in service and are proud of it.


We create a positive working atmosphere by valuing our own work and that of others. We perform our duties safely, efficiently and with professionalism, ensuring the continuity of our business.


We are the leading producer of icebreaking in the Baltic Sea and the leading producer of polar ice management and offshore services.


Effectively keeping Finnish marine traffic safe from the icy winter conditions of the Baltic Sea. The improvement of cost-efficiency and creation of growth potential through innovative maritime services, such as offshore services.