Temporary layoff of crews on Arctia’s multipurpose icebreakers

Weakened outlook in international icebreaking and marine services business will result in layoffs on Arctia Ltd’s multipurpose icebreakers. As a result of employer-employee negotiations, Arctia Ltd will lay off its multipurpose icebreakers’ crews this autumn for about three months. About 80 people work on the multipurpose icebreakers.

International offshore and marine services business is significant in terms of Arctia’s basic function of domestic icebreaking and ensuring its continuity. International chartering, that is, the sale of vessel services, has in recent years accounted for up to half of Arctia’s net sales, and a good fifth last year.

So far, no international assignments have been obtained for this year, which has a direct impact on the amount of work available to the crews. During the past year, protectionist measures particularly in North America and Russia have hampered the sale of Arctia’s services to the international market.

Arctia will continue its sales efforts and talks on finding work for its fleet and expertise both in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Although demand for offshore services has declined, there is still a need for the company’s other services such as research support and cooperation with new partners.

Communications Manager Eero Hokkanen


tel. +358 46 876 7140

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